‘Through the Roof’: No Near-Term Relief Seen for Cargo Congestion, Experts Say

Port congestion has been a recurring theme throughout the supply chain over the past year, with U.S. ports yet again seeing record cargo imports in May and a Covid-19 outbreak slowing operations at China’s Port of Yantian in June. With constant hiccups and bottlenecks everywhere you turn, accompanied by skyrocketing container costs, the universal question has been: “When will supply chains return to normalcy?”

“This will likely continue—maybe not at the same pace—into the first quarter of 2022, maybe with a lull following Chinese New Year,” . “Demand for containers, vessel services, trucks, rail and virtually every piece of equipment in the supply chain is at an all-time high. You have a scenario where demand is outstripping supply in every single segment in the supply chain, and that’s driving pricing through the roof.”


Source: Sourcing Journal

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