FDA Foreign Supplier DUNS # Requirement

Foreign Suppliers will need a DUNS # for the 2020 (October 1st) FDA FSVP re-registration period. Please instruct your suppliers that do not already have one to apply now so it is available when it is needed. It’s free if they do not request expedited service. As the deadline is closing in( next year ) it is expected that registrations that have expired or have been rejected (due to lack of a valid DUNS # ) will have a rush on D&B to expedite the # applications and it will cost, $250.00 USD. This may still take some time, so if shipments are sitting at the pier or airport, the clock and demurrage / storage charges will stack up quickly.

Please request the D&B # from all of your suppliers asap, so that your entries will not have any invalid registration rejections On or After 10/1/20.

Click here for more information from the FDA.


Source: Food and Drug Administration

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